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6-14-2018 09:12 BJTFounded in t▓he 1930s, Marvel dominated the comic book industr▓y for decades. However,


with the rapid development o▓f media such as television and movies, people gradually lost interest in comics, for Marvel, falling sales was discouraging and debt was a matter of concern. ▓;Marvel, however, was well aware of the problems it faced. The shift in the direction of consumer entertainment had led to a decline in comic book sales, but the company recognized that new entertai▓nment products were badly needed. Consequently, Marvel has begun a renaissance.Giving rights of the comics to film companiesMarve▓l Films was founded in the 1990s, so as to give Marvel’s rights to film companies instead of making th

eir own films. "X▓-Men"'s rights were sold to the 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, "Blade" to New Line Cinema, and "▓Spider-Man" to Sony Corporation.But for Marvel Films, t▓here was no control over the movies that were licensed.&n▓bsp;Avi Arad, the former chief creative officer of Marvel Entertainment, said that products such ▓as "Erica" failed because the company had ▓no access to creative control.In addition,▓ when the "X-Men" series and "Spider-Man" made billions of profit worldwide, Marvel shared onl▓y a small percentage, less than 0.1 billion.&nbs

p▓;Through film licensing, Marvel received royalties ▓to pay off the debt, while perceiving the massive power▓ of the movie industry.Marvel Cin

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ematic Universe foundedI▓n 2006, Marvel decided to make its own films to control i▓ts own future. In a bold move Marvel raised its own money to launch the production of blockbust▓ers as an independent movie company, and as a result, Marvel Cinematic Universe was born.Marve▓l planned to bring superheroes like "Iron Man"

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, "Hulk", "Thor" and "Captain America" etc. to the big screen sepa▓

rately, and then rally them together via "The Avengers".&nbs

p;In the first phase from 2008 to 2012

, Marvel made 37.4 billion US

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